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I just got this great email where Joanne from SubSines sharing the idea to manifest the future with the message to the future you. I think entering the space, where we can see ourselves already accomplished in 1 year from now can manifest desired future faster.



Hey it’s ME… (yes YOU!) but the date is Dec 20th 2016 and wow, what a year you’ve had!

2016 was the year where you…
~ Found true inner peace and accepted the past as the past
~ Deepened relationships with those you love and connected with them on a whole new level
~ Stood up for yourself and what you believe in
~ Reached those goals you’d been putting off for years
~ Uncovered your true potential and felt ultimately free both mentally and spiritually
…So back-track to today, to this very second where you’re reading these words on your screen…
Is this how your 2016 is going to play out?
Is 2016 going to be your best year yet?
The reason I’m bringing this up now is because as we get closer to the end of the year, we should start thinking about how we want our next 12 months to play out.
The exciting thing is that we can CHOOSE where we want to go and we can DECIDE what we do want in our lives and what we don’t.
So… take some time this coming week, both inside and outside of your meditations, to think about the next year. Cherish these moments you have to yourself and start designing and visualizing the things you want to change (for the better) in 2016.
Remember, manifesting a new reality starts with a simple intention…
source: Email newsletter by Joanne from

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