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The Path to Success‏ by Karen Berg


One of the tools that we learn about from the Bible is the 72 Names of God: 72 three-letter combinations of Hebrew letters, with each combination carrying a specific energy that can help us in our lives. Kabbalists meditate with these Names to connect to the Divine essence within themselves and to help them change and uproot the inner aspects of themselves that are negative, limiting or selfish. These combinations of letters are spiritual tools that help us to change at the seed level—the level of consciousness.

Within the 72 Names, almost all the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet are represented. Interestingly, there is only one letter missing: the letter Gimel. Why the Gimel? It’s because, according to the kabbalists, the Gimel represents ga’avah, which in English means “pride.”

Now, what is so bad about pride? I mean, we all have pride, right? Lots of us have pride in our gifts, in our country or city of residence, even in our local sports team. But this is not the kind of pride we are talking about here.

In this case, we are talking about the pride that overrides our awareness and appreciation of the Light of the Creator in our lives. The question we need to ask ourselves is: When we achieve something, when we get to a successful place, do we believe it was our own power that got us there? If we do, we have missed the mark. Why? Because the truth is we can do nothing without the help of the Light.

All of us do some kind of work in this world. We’ve all tried, we’ve all struggled, we’ve all had pain. We can all become successful in something. But in our path to success, we must recognize that we do not achieve success on our own and through our own power; we need the power of the Light.

All people have the potential of the Creator within. But the ones who will succeed in a real and lasting way are the ones who do something to share with others, while the results of those who act and do only for themselves can last only as long as the person does. That is why each day when we wake up, we need to make a decision: Are we here to be a Light for the world, or are we here only for ourselves?

It also says in this week’s Bible reading of Ekev that if the Israelites “kept the regulations,” God would bless the land. Sounds like dogma, right? But keeping the regulations doesn’t just refer to whether you follow all of the rules and laws perfectly but by rote.

The main point is to be aware all the time that there is a Lightforce—a power that transcends the physical world—and that it exists in each and every one of us. It’s not about worrying about what Ifeel, but worrying about what we feel. When we do this, we can get to the place where we have a sense of unity with our neighbor and thereby have the right to have the blessing of the Light in a lasting way in our lives and in the world.

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The New Moon of Cancer – Overcoming Our Fears by Karen Berg


This week, we enter the month of Cancer, a month that brings us special opportunities to grow spirituality and to transform our lives. Kabbalistically, we know that each of us is influenced by the energy of every month, even if we are not the born in that month. This means that even if we are a Taurus or a Leo or a Scorpio, we will still be influenced by the energy of the month of Cancer. First, because this is the energy that is available right now, and second, because we all contain a bit of each of the twelve signs of the Zodiac.


The month of Cancer is ruled by the moon. As you probably know, the moon has no light of its own. The light we see in the moon is simply a reflection of the light of the sun. According to the kabbalists, human beings are very similar to the moon in this way because human beings (the moon) are vessels created to receive the Light of the Creator (the light from the sun). From the moment we wake up to the moment we go to sleep, we are almost completely driven by the Desire to Receive. I say “almost” because when we were born, each one of us was also given a spark of the Creator, which is part of us. The only way we can become the person we are supposed to be is by igniting this spark, and by doing so to take that which is negative (the negativity that is inside of us and the possible negativity of the environment we were born into) and transform it into Light by our own work and effort.


We also know that Cancer is a water sign and, as such, is one of the most emotional signs of the Zodiac. The water of Cancer is a powerful water; it is the emotional bed—like amniotic fluid—from which life becomes manifest.


On the one hand, this emotionality makes Cancers extremely loving, warm and empathetic toward others. Family and friends are extremely important to them. On the other hand, this strong emotional nature can sometimes lead Cancers to have difficulty dealing with fears, since fears can stimulate our emotions. Sometimes the fears of the Cancer are founded and other times not. The challenge this month for all of us, not just Cancers, is to recognize how and where our fears and their accompanying emotions are blocking us from leaping towards our goals. Are we afraid people won’t like us? That we won’t be accepted? Are we afraid that we won’t be able to do what we want to do? Cancers tend to fall into nostalgia very easily. Why? Because it can be more comfortable to live in the past than to face the uncertainty that accompanies the future. Although the past is 100% known, the problem is that if we are stuck in the past, we cannot move forward to accomplish our life’s purpose.


The crab, which is the sign of Cancer, walks sideways. This is often how Cancers tend to walk through life: Afraid to face their circumstances head on. But you know what? I saw a beautiful documentary recently that showed how crabs can travel across the ocean bed if they are next to each other, connected to one another. In this way, they form a line that joins them across the ocean to the next destination.


For us, this is a powerful lesson. When we are able to find unity with others—when we can see the spark of the Creator that exists in the other person—then in spite of our difficulties and differences, there is no ocean we cannot cross together, no matter how uncertain the path may seem.

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Kabbalah article: Aries – How to Create a Miracle‏ by Karen Berg


This week, we enter the month of Aries, the first month in the astrological calendar and according to the kabbalists, a month in which we use the strong and fiery energy that is available to create miracles.

What do I mean by “miracles”?

By definition, a miracle means something that goes beyond the confines of nature. This means that if we want something in our life to change and we want things to be different, then we need to go beyond our nature.

Essentially, the key to creating a miracle is to take the extra step when it is difficult to do so: when we are too tired to volunteer, when we don’t feel like going out and being with other people, when we simply can’t muster the ability to smile and be nice to someone else. But when we reach beyond our comfort zone at these times, we can also expect the universe to do the same on our behalf.

It can take less than 10 minutes of our time to change a person’s life. For example, when we know someone is in despair or in depression, we can just to pick up the phone and simply say, “I was thinking of you and wanted you to know you have a friend.” Such simple words, when said from our heart, can change this person’s day, month, or even year. The beauty of this action is that it can create a miracle in our own life as well, simply because we made the effort to call.

The spiritual rule is that in order to receive a blessing, we need a vessel where that blessing can rest. What this means is that we are responsible for creating a space inside us for that Light to enter. We can do this by getting our “self” out of the way, by clearing a place inside.

We can apply this idea to many areas of life. For example, people often ask me about relationships. “Why can’t I find the right one?” they say. My answer to them is always: “Maybe you didn’t create room for the right one.” When we are stuck, when we hold on to something or someone, or when we feel depressed, we are simply too busy with our “self.” We didn’t create a space.

Whatever the circumstances, it is in our hands to create the change.

Particularly at this time of year where there is such hope for freedom and Light, let’s take the opportunity to create a miracle—however big or small—in the cosmos. In this way, we can go to the next level of our soul, finding sincerity and real love for humanity.

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