256 Year Old Chinese Herbalist Li Ching-Yuen and 15 Character Traits That Cause Diseases by A. Ouyidir




The Herbalist Had 23 Wives and Raised More Than 200 Children

He represents a Chinese mystery that can be added to many others. The herbalist Li Ching-Yuen ,was, according to the official records,born in China in 1677 (although he himself claimed that he was born in 1736). Throughout his long life, he constantly practiced herbalism and martial arts.There are documents, dating back to 1827, contained official congratulations on Li Ching-Yuen’s 150th birthday. Later documents, dating back to 1877, contained official congratulations on his 200th birthday.

The Secret of his Potion Formula.

Li Ching-Yuen expressed his longevity formula in one sentence: “Retain a calm heart, sit like a turtle, walk swiftly like a pigeon, and sleep like a dog”.
During his last days he was offered an opportunity by the Chinese army general Yang Senin order to teach martial arts to Chinese soldiers. The general could not believe how youthful Li was, even though he had reached an age of 250 years old.Li Ching-Yuen died on the 6th of May in 1933 after finishing his martial art classes.

Holistic Medicine Should be the Alternative

It becomes a common sense that thoughts have a great influence on people and behaviors; they can be negative or positive. These days, even modern medicine agrees that 70% of all sicknesses happen because of negative thoughts or emotional stress. Illnesses attributed to this cause are called “psychosomatic,”
A long day of high stress is all that is needed to cause unexpected illness. Continuous years of tension at work is all that is needed to develop diabetes or heart disease, needless to mention lowered productivity, deteriorated body and depression.

Ancient medicine was very efficient because it is classified as holistic,It considers not only the physical body, but also of the psycheand personal lifestyle. It irradiates the cause of the illness, rather thandealing only with the symptoms, therefore stopping it from reappearing. However, Modern medicine, on the other hand, deals with the effects of the illness—bodily ailments. This is why the illness is never cured for good.

Thoughts cannot only make the body ill, but can also help it recover from serious diseases.

We can take for instance the case of Morris Goodman, who, in 1981, was involved in a plane crash and was supposed to die due to permanent spine damage and aninjured diaphragm. The man’s life was supported by a breathing ventilator, and the only movement he could do was blinking. However, this man was aware of the power of thought, and in just a few days successfully regenerated his own diaphragm and could breathe independently. He also consciously regenerated his damaged spinal cord and started to move all of his limbs. Doctors could not understand the situation at all because this just “could not be happening.” After a few months, however, Morris Goodman began to walk again and eventually fully recovered. This is only one of many cases that are happening all around us.

Reasons behind Incurable Diseases from Different Perspective

The ancient Ayurvedic health sciences not only prove the existence of psychosomatic illnesses.What your thoughts are able to influence?

Here are a few examples that could explain the causes of disease:

  1. Jealousy – causes cancer diseases, immune system failure.

  2. Vengefulness – causes sleep disorder and throat illnesses.

  3. Restricted irritating situation – causes lung diseases.

  4. Immoral behaviors – causes chronic diseases, infections, and dermal diseases.

  5. Being too categorical or unwavering in beliefs – causes diabetes, migraines, and inflammations.

  6. Lying – causes addiction to alcohol, parasite infections, and failure of the immune system.

  7. Hostility – causes stomach ulcers, acid hearth burns, and verrucas.

  8. Taciturnity – causes schizophrenia and kidney diseases.

  9. Cruel behaviors – causes epilepsy, asthma, and blood deficiency.

  10. Seeking conflicts – causes thyroid enlargement.

  11. Apathy – causes diabetes.

  12. Inconsistency or being fickle – causes infertility.

  13. Being abusive – causes diabetes and heart diseases.

  14. 14. Anxiety – causes digestive system disorders, heart, and skin diseases.

  15. 15. Greed – causes tumors, fatness, and heart diseases.

source: http://www.viralnovelty.net/256-year-old-chinese-herbalist-li-ching-yuen-holistic-medicine-15-character-traits-cause-diseases/


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