21-23 of December Happy True Life is creating Sacred Circle @ Time and Space Festival 2013 by Monike



“Since the beginning of our times, it’s been in our nature to destine sacred places to render tribute to the events that occur in the Universe.

That’s why we will reunite again at the magical and breathtaking Bahía Tankah, at foot of the ancient Mayan city of Tulum to celebrate the Winter solstice.

Tankah not only offers the white-sand beaches and the majestic turquoise blue of the Caribbean Sea, it also has a creek, cenotes, swimming pool and a privileged view of the Pyramid of Tulum.”

I am very happy to anounce my participation in this year Time and Space Festival. Together with the organizers of the festival we created a special space called Sacred Circle.  Specially designed Body-Mind-Soul area for those yearning spiritual experience during this musical feast.

You will be able to relax at cenote or by the pool. Participate in one of our Workshops. Do some Yoga. Meditate. Connect and Interact. Generate your Qi energy with some Thai Chi and Qi Gong movements. Hoop dance. Watch professional fire dancing. Heal yourself in one of the healing circles. Taste some Soul food. Purchase some extra cool gadgets, jewellery and accessories. And many, many more.

We are inviting artists to work on site during the festival. Please send your work portfolio to info@timeandspacefestival.com

Below you can see confirmed workshops:






We are also open for Vendors to send their applications with photos or designs of their stands, booths or merchendise tables to info@timeandspacefestival.com

Below you can see the complete poster and all the great Dj participating.

Hope I see you there in December. :))) For more info about the event please go to http://timeandspacefestival.com

2013 time and space tulum info poster


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