Lighten up! Simple tips by Juan Carlos Magaña


The ancient prophecies dealing with solar activity. Every atom of our system is moving.

Our body perceives:

Nervousness … Anxiety … Concern … Dizziness … … Tremors … Instability Irritability Lethargy … … … Problems Exhaustion short term memory … heart palpitations … Nausea … restlessness … Insomnia … Strange Dreams … Prolonged pressure and headaches … Visual disturbances Body ailments … and auditory … Ringing ears … Thyroid problems and throat … Cold feet … Dryness of the tongue … loss of words when talking … Feeling enormous energy that arises in the body followed by energy slumps … Feelings of Feeling grief … walk on water … Lost track of time …

Solar Storms

Solar flares and photon waves affect the central nervous system, brain activity (including equilibrium), along with human behavior and psychophysiological responses (mental, emotional, physical) …
Our emotions are low frequency energy (past experiences and traumas we have experienced and we have not processed) stored in our cells.  Solar flares and photon waves have a powerful effect on our cells, causing them to awaken our cellular memory.

Photon energy is an energy frequency rises much higher than the lower emotional frequency: Now we are releasing emotions of sadness and pain.

Solar flares are breaking old patterns that are no longer needed for new patterns may emerge, which can make us feel restless and exhausted at the same time.

We are pushed or pulled to make changes in our lives …

Photon energy connects to our thoughts, so it is important that we know what we want, otherwise, we will manifest what they do not want.

Simple Tips for Living Well

The release of energy stored in atoms, molecules and cells generates clearances.

For now, it is important to reduce and clean up those spaces for general wellness.

Here are some simple tips:

1. – Download and listen to music of Johann Sebastian Bach:

You can hear it in your workplace, in your car, at home …

It helps to unblock and cleanse the difficult situations that we are living in the environment.

2. – Deep Breathing

Performs deep breaths throughout the day so you can process emotions woke up by solar activity.

Not to forget, deep breathing it’s great upon waking and before going to sleep.

3. – Tea

Drink Green Tea, Parsley tea, chamomile tea, Melissa tea.

A good tea in the morning, at noon and at night balance the body, and emotions.

4. – Drink plenty of water!

For cells to release emotional toxins faster. You can add a few drops of lemon to alkalize the water.

5. – Baths with apple cider vinegar.

Every time you shower, at the end, wash with apple cider vinegar your spine, wrists, knees, knees, ankles and soles of your feet. Let soak a bit, and do not rinse.

Helps loosen and untangle debilitating situations, energy and disintegrate infections.

6. – Clean Earth.

Get an egg … Wash it with soap and water … Rub in small circles all over your body … From head to toe. Break it and check the white and yolk toilet … Strip away the shell …

A clean pair a week will help you absorb energy outside you. To be lighter.

7. – Water and sugar.

To relax and have a good night, before sleeping , fill a glass with 3/4 parts water … Add a dash of sugar and a tablespoon Put it next to your bed.

Leave there the glass for the whole night, and in the morning empty the glass and rinse it and clean it. Repeat every night.

These are some suggestions to ease our existence and be prepare us for coming changes.

Geomagnetic activity of the Sun influences our thoughts and in our human consciousness.

Original in spanish found on


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