The Story of Life and Mother Earth


Josephine Wall art(…) So here we are, and the time has come.  Peace comes into our hearts when we are aligned with the Source of Creation and accept our assignment.

This is the Story as told by my ancestors:  We are born of the Stars and will return to the Stars.  From a small child I was taught to respect even the smallest creature, and all is sacred.

The Creator said, “I have created the Moon to guide you by night and the secret is this; it is your record keeper.  Each phase of the moon will be forever, it will never change.  You will mark time by these phases.  The Sun will rise each morning in the East for your glory and warmth, and set in the West each evening in a beautiful array of colors for your enjoyment.  The Directions of the Winds are North, South, East, and West.  To speak the names of the Sacred Directions is the same as calling my name.  Remember to praise me each day for all this I have made for you.”

The Trees became home for the many birds that the Creator and the Angels made.  Each day the Star People took time to behold the beauty of the Tree.  The Tree became the symbol of life, a remembrance of the beginning.  I am the Tree of Life; my roots go deep within Mother Earth to help you to remember.  The Tree was sacred to the Star People and they promised to be the guardian of the trees.  All the winged creatures looked upon the Star People with love and they said, “We will sing a thankful song each day to you and the Great Creator for we were remembered in the plan, and without the Creator we would not be.”

The winged creatures were created to serve as messengers.  The Creator said, “The winged ones will warn you of danger and storms.  Look to the owl and the other winged ones for they have agreed to deliver these messages.  We love you and do not want you to suffer in any way.  These winged creatures are your family like a grandmother to watch over you.”

The Star People promised to love the water on Mother Earth as the “Most Holy One” for the survival of the new planet and all the living creatures made it.  They agreed to be caretakers for all the waters, the water that ran in the mountains, the water beneath Mother Earth, and the oceans where all the fish and sea creatures live.  “Take what you need of the sea creatures that we have made but honor their journey.”

The Creator and the Angels made the four-legged creatures and great grass fields for them to eat.  “Share the water and the grass fields and they will remain a supply of food for you.”  The Star People agreed to honor the life of the four-legged creatures and never take more than they needed.

The Creator and the Angels helped the Star People plant seeds and showed them how to protect the seeds for future plantings.  The seeds were perfect and each one had a special design.  They honored their word to the Creator to protect the seeds for every generation that followed.

The crawling creatures and the buzzing creatures provided a lesson for the Star People.  “You have dominion over the creatures,” the Angels reminded them, “because you have the Mind of “All Knowledge”.  You must not misunderstand; they are your family as a brother or sister.  The bee that was created provides a great lesson.  Do you notice how the family of bees works to protect the mother?  She is a miracle and in her is life. We have requested of the bees to give you a gift of sweet honey.”  This made the bees very happy to give such a gift.  The bees said, “We will do this for you as you have remembered us in your plan of creation.”  The Angels reminded the Star People, “The smallest among you has great importance, and forever the bee will not forget this promise.  Should you forget your agreement, your gardens will not come forth.”  The Star People were humbled by this great and mighty creature and promised to invite the bee as a special guest to all the flowers and all the gardens on Earth.

As the Creator and the Angels spoke, the Star People began to take their assignments.  They learned the secrets and purpose of the flowers and plants as the Angels shared the knowledge with them.  The Angels said, “Freely you have been given these secrets, and freely you will heal with this knowledge.”  The Star People understood how great this knowledge was and gave special reverence for the ones who took the assignment as Medicine Keepers.

The Sacred Fire was then given to the Star People.  Those who would protect the Sacred Fire held great position within the community.  The Creator and the Angels gave the knowledge of mathematical calculations to some for building monuments and pyramids as sky maps for those honored ones that chose not to stay but agreed to come and go and become the travelers, guides, and protectors of the Star People.  The guides and protectors would also whisper truths to the children born of the Star People.

The Stars for always and forever would be in the night sky to watch over the Star People and their children and to remind them how to connect to the Great Spirit.  The Ancestors would join them in this promise of forever.

Each earth child born was given an assignment that was agreed upon before his or her birth.  “Your intent is to serve the Creator; you will always know this.  I am the Source, the Breath of Life.  You are a promise of what is to come.  Remember this.  We will never leave you and have provided everything you need for life.  We have given you the Mind of “All Knowledge”, we are all one and together for always and forever.  The assignment on Mother Earth is temporary.  You will return to us at the time you no longer need the body.  Don’t be afraid; trust us above all others.  You can always communicate with us; we will always remain connected.  This is the balance of life, another secret I share with you.  I cannot leave you.  Your mission is to complete your assignment that will be clear to you.  You were designed as you requested; so how could it be otherwise?  Your conscience will guide you as no other creature has this design.”

It was said, “You are like me; remember you are made in my image.  The Earth Children that you bear are made of the Great I am.  I have placed in your hearts an unconditional love for the earth children, not unlike the love we have for each of you.  As I have loved designing and providing all you need to have a perfect life, you will do the same for the children of earth.  Each generation must be reminded and should not forget from whence they came.  This separation from the Great I Am will cause overwhelming sadness and confusion.  This is your greatest assignment, Dear Ones.  I will blow the Breath of Life into each child, and they will be perfect and glorious.  As we came together from the stars, we came with different gifts to give.  Some will be healers, many will work as the bee for the benefit of the community, still others will be Record Keepers, and Keepers of the Sacred Fire.  I will assign a caretaker to each creation I have made.”  Above all, remember, the creation of life is the greatest gift to you; there is no other so miraculous. (…)

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