Weekly Kabbalah Tune Up: More Than Meets the Eye by Yehuda Berg


March 18th – March 24th, 2012

72 Name of the Week

As I close my eyes, I open my heart and have certainty the fulfillment I seek is there for me.

I push jealousy, envious thoughts, and hurtful words toward others out of my soul allowing Light and compassion to enter.

I am happy for my friends and their good fortune.


The Creator’s desire to share the Light with us is even greater than our desire to receive it. We are meant to have it all. Yet we create barriers to that Light with our ego, jealousy, judgment, anger, insecurity, which undermines our connection with the Light.Relying solely on our five senses is one of the reasons for our disconnection. We believe the things we see.

We buy into the illusion. We buy into the idea that if someone has more money than us, they can do more than we can. Or we believe when we see a “picture perfect” family it means they don’t have the problems, insecurities and hang-ups that we do.

As soon as we buy into the false reality of the five senses, we give rise to jealousy or worse yet, hatred.

It’s important to consistently remind ourselves: With our limited five senses, we never see the big picture. 

This week, try to maintain an awareness that things are rarely as they seem! Understand that what you witness in someone’s behavior is not the full picture of what is really going on in their lives.

Be open to see the bigger picture, look for the truth not just what you see. This will help you to drop your jealousy or frustration towards others and instead, send love and Light, which is all we ever need to do, at any moment, to reconnect with the Light.


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