for free: Spring Forest Qigong Worshop online


Learn Spring Forest Qigong for Free – Learning Strategies will soon be streaming Chunyi Lin’s Spring Forest Qigong course for free via the Internet. The broadcast will be spread over 6 days and begins on March 12, 2012.

Qi, also known as chi, is life energy. Qigong is an Eastern energy healing practice which seeks to correct imbalances in this energy. Whether you believe in this idea or not, peer-reviewed studies have concluded that qigong practice has a positive effect on immune function, bone density, cardiovascular health, and many other health indicators. Some people interpret qi (or chi) as the sum of various biological processes, so the divide between the Eastern and Western viewpoints may be largely a matter of semantics. There’s agreement on the results, which can be measured, but different doctors disagree on how to explain these results.

I listened to the complete Spring Forest Qigong program in 2006. I liked it, but I decided not to recommend it on my website at the time. Since I didn’t have anything physical to heal, I couldn’t personally validate the physical healing aspects of the program.

Since then I’ve practiced qigong a few times with Chunyi in person at retreats we’ve attended. I love his peaceful energy and his sense of humor, and I have friends who swear by qigong’s benefits. Dr. Deepak Chopra has also endorsed Spring Forest Qigong.

Due to my limited experiences with qigong, I don’t feel good about giving it my personal recommendation. However, since Learning Strategies is now broadcasting Spring Forest Qigong for free, I thought it would be worthwhile to share this, so that those who are interested can see if they find it beneficial.

from Steve Palina newsletter


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