Weekly Kabbalah: A Simple Choice by Yehuda Berg


February 5th – 11th, 201272 Name of the Week: 

Mem Vav Mem

I will transform my life. Dropping my ego, I will take the path of proactive transformation.

If sickness, heartache, financial woes or other problems arise, I will work through them to connect to the Light.

I will concentrate on this sequence, purifying iniquities from precious lives.

My spiritual slate is clean as I allow the Light to engulf my physical and spiritual realms.


We each come into this world with a specific purpose that is unique to us as well as a general purpose we all share: Our spiritual correction, or tikkun.As students of Kabbalah, we learn that our tikkun is made up of negative behaviors carried over from previous lifetimes. Correcting these destructive patterns is our job here. Transforming and clearing out this “baggage” is how we achieve our correction and ultimately our perfection.

There are two ways to achieve this. The first begins with a dawning realization that, “This is not the person I want to be. I cannot be someone who lives merely taking from others; I will be someone who gives.” As a result of this understanding, we begin our spiritual work.

This in itself is an accomplishment! Making a decision to change represents a huge step forward. It is our nature as physical beings to be dominated by the Desire to Receive for the Self Alone. To depart from this mindset is actually quite amazing—and it does not happen to everyone.

The other way we complete our tikkun is through external events and their effects. If we don’t willingly come to see our need for change, we will eventually be required to by the pain and suffering. The universe will beat down on us as an effect of our actions.

One way or another, we will all eventually get there and finish the job, if not in this life, then in a future one—but a person who has consciously chosen to change reveals more Light and blessings for themselves and for the world than one who merely reacts to outside forces.

We are given a simple choice in this world: Self-transformation or suffering.

Neither of these options is easy! Anything worth having is almost always difficult to achieve, but when the transformation is of our choosing we eradicate suffering from not only our lives, but the entire world.

This week, know that whatever you find most difficult to do is what you came into this world to correct.

Know in the moments you most want to be reactive, “This is my moment! This is my shining hour!” It is only in these moments we hold the rare opportunity to release ourselves from the slavery of our previous incarnations.

All the best,

Yehuda Berg


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