Kabbalah Tune up: Think Outside the Box by Yehuda Berg


Think Outside the Box

Lamed Vav Vav

43. Defying Gravity

I am throwing away my doubts, pessimism and limited nature—I want to see beyond the illusions!
I am listening to my soul and dropping my ego, making way for real fulfillment.
I possess the powers of mind over matter, and I will use them by letting go of the limited thinking of the rational mind. By putting the spiritual above the physical, everything is possible.


Each month, the shifting planets of our universe exert challenging forces that play upon our thoughts. These compelling astral energies appear to be insurmountable obstacles, though in fact, they are opportunities for personal fulfillment.As we move through the month of Capricorn – the main stumbling block we will face is fighting the illusion that the circumstances of your life are hard and fixed.To help you destroy this deception, I offer you this bit of wisdom:

Think outside the box 

To grasp this expression, we must first understand what it means to think “inside the box.” Thinking inside the box means believing the situation you are in is 100% real. When we think in the box, we think things like: “I’m never going to be happy,” “that’s the hand life dealt me and I must grin and bear it,” “all men are the same, he’ll never change.” It is thinking that what we see cannot be changed, and that the only solution to a problem is the one we can consciously think of.

On the other hand, thinking outside the box requires us to find that quiet place within ourselves, that place where we can see beyond the illusion that things are what they seem.

This month, it is important that we constantly remind ourselves to open our awareness, and to find new solutions to old problems. To help you think outside the box, take a few minutes for yourself, and visualize the 72 Name of God for Defying Gravity, to the left, while contemplating the words of the meditation.



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