Effective Plan for Q1 of 2012


Hello Everyone

My friend M.S (have to ask him if he want to be listed his name here) made this great simple plan for the first quarter of 2012 year that I would like to share with you here.
He made his document public that’s why I decided to publish it here, where all of us are striving for the best in our lives…the ultimate goal to be happy. So there it is below and lets this planing started :)))
John Doe Personal Plan Q1 2012

Purpose of this exercise:

What are you looking to get out of life?  If you were on your death bed looking back at a perfect life, what would that be for you?


To reach the highest possible level of performance in all pillars (financial, social, family, physical, intellectual)  while maintaining balance, living a high quality of life, and leaving the world a better place.

BHAG (25 years) 

What is your “Big Hairy Audacious Goal” that you dream of accomplishing one day?  Doesn’t have to be attainable, just slightly possible… dream big!


To have a net worth in excess of $100M+, be in top physical shape, balanced, happily married with 2+ healthy children, and working on world changing environmental projects / philanthropy.

Smart/Critical Numbers

What metrics / numbers can you track to measure your success?  These will change dramatically from person to person depending on what is important to you.  Note these examples will more than likely not apply to you… for me they make sense as I’m working hard on improving personal accountability, reducing financial stress, maintaining life balance, improving net worth, and having more life autonomy (for travel etc.).  What important numbers should YOU be tracking?


  1. Financial Stress: Score from 1 to 10 on how stressed out I am about money.
  2. Life Balance Score: How evenly balanced am I within the 5 pillars (financial, social, family, physical, intellectual)
  3. Accountability Score: How well am I performing with my personal performance plan **  goals?
  4. Net Worth: Total personal net worth
  5. Autonomy: What % of my time can I do what I want, when I want, from where I want?

Targets (3-5 Years)

Define your specific goals/targets for the next 3-5 years

  1. Financial Stress < 3
  2. Balance = 8+
  3. Accountability = 90%+
  4. Net Worth = $XXM+
  5. Autonomy = 75%+
Goals (1 year)
List out your top 5 things you are working on completing for the year.
1 Priority #1 Dec 31, 2012
2 Grow the company 30%+ Dec 31, 2012
3 Peak physical shape: Weight & body fat % goal Dec 31, 2012
4 Travel goal Dec 31, 2012
5 Family goal Dec 31, 2012

Actions (Quarterly Priorities)
List out and prioritize your top 5 things you are working on during the next 3 months.

1 Personal Goal Jan 31, 2012
2 Financial goal Mar 31, 2012
3 Go skiing 15+ times Mar 31, 2012
4 Physical goal Mar 31, 2012
5 Personal goal Mar 31, 2012

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