“Diamond in Rough” – Kabbalah message for this week


 72 Name of the Week



Here I accomplish nothing less than the complete transformation of negative situations into positive opportunities and blessings.

Manna rains down upon me.

Life begins to taste like anything my soul desire or imagines.


Transformation in an Instant

December 11th – December 18th, 2011

Sometimes it seems as if spiritual growth takes place very slowly. We do our spiritual work, we strive to restrict our negative urges, and we develop ourselves as sharing human beings, yet there is always more to be done.
This is precisely why we were given the spiritual technology of Kabbalah. The 72 Names of God, the Ana Beko’ach, and the Zohar are just some of the tools by which we can gain the power to sustain ourselves.

However, the energy of this week is such that transformation does not always need to be a long drawn out process. It can happen in an instant.

No matter what situation you may find yourself in, no matter how low this email may find you, you need to know that you can rise to great heights in the blink of an eye.

Your logic will tell you otherwise, the physical needs or lacks you might be suffering from will scoff at this notion, but nonetheless it is possible.

Moreover, it is our very certainty of this possibility that enables it to occur.

Any time you find yourself feeling hopeless or beyond redemption, repeat to yourself: Transformation in an instant…transformation in an instant.

The effort we put into stopping our reactive thoughts will allow us to connect to the very energy that can truly set us free. Easy? Not by a long shot. Possible? Without a doubt.

This is both a beautiful teaching, and a powerful spiritual tool that goes to the very core of what Kabbalah is all about. I hope you use it to the fullest this week.

All the best,

Yehuda Berg


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