30 day challenge to manifest balanced Body-Mind-Spirit connection.


Are you tired of repeating yourself, not learning from same lessons over and over again?

… well I am!

I AM TIRED of being in the same place, repeating my old patterns, knowing what to do but not doing it, procrastinating, sabotaging myself, being wise for others but not for myself. Actually Im not tired … I am PISSED!

I watched all the movies…“the Secret”“Whats the bleep you know”“Message in the bottle” M. Emoto

listened to Tony Robbins, Wayne Dyer, Oprah, Deepak Chopra etc for inspirations to be better and happier…

Nothing worked or it did…?

Well it did take me to this moment at this specific time to decide. It’s time to connect to myself, find my true nature and balance within me. Finally I want to find myself in the middle! not jumping from one extreme to another …as much exiting that was and as much as adrenaline junky I have been:)))

CAN YOU RELATE? I’ve bet you can…

For my whole life I was sure that I was special… better … yes I admit I thought that I was better than others… that my story is different therefore nobody understands me. My invisible wall grew … my relationships were just hitting the surface… There was always disappointment in the air followed by betrayal.


I understand Im no better then nobody, that my story is similar to many of you who struggle to be real and happy in this life. My wall is falling finally and I am ready to share myself here and to connect with all of you whoever you are:)))

“If you find that you consistently under-estimate how long something takes to do time yourself doing it once or twice.”

So lets do this experiment I plan to start from 30 day challenge starting from 11.11.11 to make it more symbolical as well.

Everyday for 30 days I will do listed below activities:

+ read the calendar aprox. 15 min. of my daily time(will talk about this invention letter, reading of the calendar is rising my light body frequency)

+ meditate with Holosync for 1 hour (ask me what it is)

+ listen to self esteem booster track by

+ do a bikram class even if it at home … which it will be since where I am there is no bikram studio…

+ read a book for 2 hours

+ look and imagine my vision board which is already ready with 9 goals in it aprox. 15min

+ no meat, sugar, soda …as for a diet involved

+ record daily my progress on the video and post it here with you

wish me luck:)



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